The LEARNER ventures North, deep
into the unforgiving desert in search of a spiritual prophet
referred to as THE GREAT MOTHER.

Written & Directed by:        Jack Hassett
Produced by:        Jack Hassett
Production Co.:       Redwood Studios

Starring:       Vincent James & Dana Hicks

Director of Photography:       Zed Friedman
1st Assistant Camera:       Liam Shore
2nd Assistant Camera:       Cooper Andrews
Gaffer:       Steven Xie
Key Grip:       Graham Hammond
Grip:       Sean Dandras

Production Design:       Camille Brimmer
Art Design:       Kate Hassett
Sound Mixer/Boom Op:       Noelle White
Costume Design:       Jack Hassett & Redwood Studios
Costume Assist:       Reese Cooper

Talent Rep:       Zenith Talent

Special Thanks:       Mom & Dad, Lauren Robinson,
                                     Ethan Wen, Noah Dark &
                                     Stray Dog Productions